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Are you ready to discover a whole new experience-level of playing Minecraft? »iRedstone« contains many step-by-step instructions offering more than 1300 screenshots. You will get fascinating insights into the amazing world of Redstone - a must-have for every Minecraft-pro!

This is iRedstone:

Basics of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

With iRedstone, Minecraft becomes so much more: Without even knowing you can learn the basics of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science!

More than 1300 Screenshots in hundreds of instructions

iRedstone offers loads of mechanisms, tutorials, screenshots and videos.

Scroll at your own pace

No need to pause and resume any tutorial videos – scroll through the build instructions at your own pace without switching back and forth between YouTube and Minecraft.

Search & Favorites

Use search to find exactly what you need. Add your favorite instructions for quick access.

Learn Redstone from scratch

iRedstone explains the basics of each Redstone mechanics – no need to guess what‘s going on.

Redstone Library

The Redstone Library offers a great overview about all redstone-related items in Minecraft and how to craft them.


“It's a fantastic app to have by your side whenever you either want to learn a new design or just forgot an old one. Either way, it's very useful. I myself is very experienced in Redstone and barely learn anything new, and yet I still use it, because it happens I forget a design, but then this app I there to help.”

by Marbonkol1234567890 – Mar 31, 2021, Apple AppStore

Automating your Farm or building a binary calculator?

iRedstone has it all

Whether you‘re just looking for some small Redstone mechanism to help you control your castle gate, or you‘re looking to understand the fundamentals of computer science by actually building a binary calculator in Minecraft. iRedstone is your app!


“I’ve been using this app for years and you always hold it to high standards. Thank you!”

by JoshTh3Legend – Apr 9, 2020, Apple AppStore

Still not convinced?

iRedstone contains more than 1300 screenshots and has received thousands of five-star ratings on the AppStores. What are you waiting for?